Core Library Support

Lightweight Hookable Events - a blockable, optionally shutdown-able, trap-able structure inside a GObject.
Library Initialization - Perform general initialization with limited argument parsing.
Helpful Macros - Various macros to eliminate tedious typing, beyond those provided by glib.
Base Input/Output Object - A base class with input and output triggers, but no actual read or write methods. Those are left for derived classes to support.
Binary Input/Output Stream Base - A byte stream. This has methods to read and write data, and it inherits read/write notification from GskStream.
gskstreamconnection - Connection between the input of one stream and the output of another.
Main Loop (Generic Event Management) - Convenient way to be notified when certain types of event occur.
Socket Address Lookup by Name - A way to lookup addresses from names. (Like a generic DNS.)
Useful GTypes - some types useful to servers
GskBuffer - a fast, flexible in-memory data buffer
Old-Fashioned errno Handling - A few tricks which operate on the same type as errno, an int.
Error Codes - An exhaustive composite list of error codes.
Trivial Main Functions. - These are trivial interfaces to the main-loop.
Glib Helper Routines - Miscellaneous helper routines that could conceivably be moved to glib someday.
Datagram I/O - base class for datagram I/O classes
Binary Packet - A binary data packet.
Listening for Connections - Base class for server-type objects.
Client Stream - Create a GskStream which is connecting to a remote address.
Socket Addresses. - The location of a socket endpoint, in some domain.
gsklog - convenient logging methods around the glib mechanism
Debugging Hints - How to debug your program
Runtime Toggled Debug Logging - methods to quickly turn logging on and off for portions of GSK.
gskutils -